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The solar inverter business is a very competitive place today with low and falling margins, online here Optistring is the new thinking outsider. Optistring has developed high end inverters for photovoltaic (PV) energy systems based on wellknown
technology from high power distribution. By enhancing and optimizing this technology for PV systems the new distributed inverters increase the energy harvest in case of shading or mismatch with up to 25% compared to conventional string inverters, dosage and reach 99% cycle weighted conversion effi ciency. With only one step of power conversion the system is far less complex than conventional inverter architectures and is, adiposity through
its modular design, very well set up for high level of mass production. Module level monitoring, MPPT and rapid shutdown are inherent features of the system without adding complexity.

Read more about how Optistring is transforming the PV inverters in the article or the full 2015 IV issue of Solar+Power Management.