Take the high-speed train and have fun in Zhangjiagang, Changshu and Taicang2020-07-06

  • Tianzhuang Old Street (恬庄古街)
Address: Tiangzhuang Old Street, Fenghuang Town, Zhangjiagang City(张家港市凤凰镇恬庄古镇).
Tianzhuang, a quiet waterside old town in Jiangnan area, boasts a lot of former residences of celebrities and remains its original layout without being commercial.
  • Zhangjiagang Bay (张家港湾)
Address: Jingang Town, Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone (张家港保税区金港镇).
Ascend the viewing platform in Zhangjiagang Bay, you will be impressed by the river view and the city’s well-protected environment.
  • Fenghuang Hill (凤凰山)
Address: opposite the Fenghuanghu Ecopark, Fenghuang Town, Zhangjiagang City (张家港市凤凰镇凤凰湖生态公园对面).
Fenghuang Hill extends from the west to the east, which makes it look like a Fenghuang spreading the wings (凤凰, a Chinese mythical bird). Thus the hill was given the name “Fenghuang Hill”.
  • Twin Hills Island (双山岛)
Address: Jingang Town, Zhangjiagang City (张家港市金港镇).
The Twin Hills Island remains undeveloped and the natural landscape here was thus well preserved. The Island is rich in resources thanks to its intersecting river courses.
  • Pangqi Tofu (螃蜞豆腐)
Pangqi Tofu is an ICH food introduced by Once Upon A Bite, a Chinese Food Documentary. It tastes soft and delicate. The cooked Pangqi meat (螃蜞, a kind of small crab) looks like Doufuhua (soybean pudding), thus it’s named “Pangqi Tofu”.
  • River Beach Lamb (江滩羊肉)
The goats raised in Zhangjiagang are not big in size but their meat is very delicious. Braised in brown sauce, the meat is bright in color and mellow in taste.
  • Tuolu Cake (拖炉饼)
The flaky sweet Tuolu Cake is the traditional food in Yangshe Town (杨舍镇).
  • Shajiabang Scenic Area (沙家浜风景区)
Address: Shajiabang Town, Changshu City (常熟市沙家浜镇).
The Shajiabang Scenic Area boasts distinctive culture and natural resources. The scenery here is as beautiful as a painting. You may have different experience here in different seasons.
  • Yushan Shanghu Scenic Area (虞山尚湖风景区)
Address: Waihuan West Road, Changshu City (常熟市外环西路).
The Yushan Shanghu Scenic Area covers half of the city’s urban built-up area. The spectacular Yunshan Forest (虞山森林) includes such scenic spots as Jianmen (剑门), Baoyan (宝岩) and Sanfeng (三峰). The river flows across the area is crystal clear and matches the backdrop of Yushan Hill (虞山), just like a landscape painting.
  • Zengyuan Garden and Zhaoyuan Garden(曾园-赵园)
Address: Wengfuqian, Changshu City (常熟市翁府前).
Zengyuan Garden is the former residence of Zengpu, a famous novelist and translator in the late Qing Dynasty (A.D. 1636 - 1912). The garden is ingenious designed and built against backdrop of Yushan Hill with a pond being its center.
  • Jiangxiang Village (蒋巷村)
Address: Zhongxing South Road, Changshu City (常熟市中兴南路).
Jiangxiang Village, a national 4A-level scenic area, is acclaimed as one of the “most beautiful villages in Jiangsu”. Spend a day at leisure in the open countryside.
  • Changshu Steamed Dishes (常熟蒸菜)
Changshu steamed dishes boast a long history, pays particular attention to raw materials and fine knife work. The tasty steam dishes were included in local intangible Cultural Heritage List.
  • Beggar’s Chicken (叫花鸡)
Beggar’s Chicken remains one of the best-known local delicacies. The marinated chicken will be stuffed with local mushrooms first and then wrapped in lotus leaves and clay. Baked slowly using low heat, the chicken is tender, juicy and has the refreshing fragrance of lotus leaves.
  • Xunyou Noodles (蕈油面)
Xun (蕈), the basic ingredient, is a kind of edible mushroom growing in Yushan Hill and the noodles are very tasty.
  • Changshu Chaojiao Noodles (常熟炒浇面)
he key to making delicious Chaojiao Noodles lie on the soup and Jiaotou (meat or vegetables poured over the noodles). The soup is usually made by boiling chicken and pork bones while there can be a variety of Jiaotou i.e. braised meat, crisp eel, shredded pork, pork chop etc.
  • Taicang Yangtze Estuary Tourism Resort(太仓长江口旅游度假区)The resort is situated in the Liuhe Town of Taicang City (太仓市浏河镇) where Zheng He (郑和, Chinese mariner, explorer, diplomat, fleet admiral and court eunuch during early Ming Dynasty) started his expeditionary treasure voyages. The famous Loudong painting school (娄东画派) also originates in the town.
  • Shaxi Ancient Town (沙溪古镇)Address: 50 meters to the northeast intersection of Zhongshi Street and Changshou Road, Taicang City (太仓市中市街与长寿南路交叉口东北50米).Shaxi Ancient Town boasts numerous cultural and historic relics. The distinctive waterside buildings (built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties), streets, lanes, old bridges and the former residences of celebrities are all worth visiting.
  • Nanyuan Garden (南园)
Address: No.7 Nanyuan East Road, Taicang City (太仓市南园东路7号).
Nanyuan Garden, built over four hundred years ago, used to be the place for Wang Xijue, an imperial official in the Wanli years of Ming Dynasty (A.D. 1573-1620). Now, it is one of the best places in Taicang to enjoy the blooming lotus.
  • Fresh River and Sea Food<br>
Taicang locals have many ways to cook the fish i.e. stir-frying, quick-frying, deep-frying, frying, steaming, stewing and boiling. You won’t miss the delicious fish food.
  • Shuangfeng Mutton (双凤羊肉)The Shuangfeng Mutton is known far and wide. It uses Taicang goat as raw material, and the cooked meat is really tasty.
  • Taicang Rousong(meat floss, 太仓肉松)The 150-year-old Taicang Rousong is nutritious and suitable for people of all ages. It was sent to the imperial court as a tribute.
iSuzhou here reminds you to go out with proper self-protection, wear face masks, wash your hands regularly, cooperate with physical condition and identity check.