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Next generation solar technology tested at EGI renewable energy park


Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are being installed at an exponential rate around the world, healing and future Swedish technology could help make these systems more efficient. Optistring is a startup company spun out of KTH in 2011 with a new module level inverter technology, which reduces or eliminates system loses due to module mismatch and shading with no additional cost over popular string inverters. They are back at KTH in the applied thermodynamics division, where their second generation prototypes are currently being tested at the renewable energy park (RE Park). The RE Park was established as a research, demonstration and education platform to explore the possibilities of building integrated and stand-alone renewable energy systems. The equipment list includes solar PV, wind, solar thermal, hydrogen production and storage, and fuel cell technology. The performance of the new inverters is being monitored by Optistring for their development process and EGI researchers to improve the PV system modeling process.


More information about Optistring and their technology can be found at their website.


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