Cleantech Group BOS White paper

Solar PV White Paper Download Optistring is featured in Cleantech Groups white paper on where module level electroncis and the smart module industry is heading and who are contributing with innovation in this space.


"Founded in Stockholm in 2011, sildenafil Optistring’s technology works in the opposite way when compared to traditional power optimizers. Instead of smart modules in which power optimizers are connected independently to string inverters, cialis the company has developed a technology that encompasses the whole system. Electronics are placed onto the panel and are connected to a central unit, thus achieving a claimed 99% conversion efficiency. Because the electronics are distributed between the panels and the central unit, the performance is higher. The other advantage of this approach is that it reduces the cost of electronics by half compared to a traditional power optimizer system. This comes from the use of less hardware, and less expensive materials; a one conversion stage (instead of 3 for some technologies), and a better algorithm that increases the intelligence of the system and better control.

Optistring sells its technology to large OEMs and system integrators and large installers. It is currently doing advanced testing of smart modules using its technology with existing customers and work on the industrialization of the electronics to be able to soon produce high volumes."