Special fund allocated to commercialize research findings

2020年09月16日 10:17:31 | 来源:ourjiangsu.com

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80 research projects in east China’s Jiangsu province have got the funding support through annual appropriation and loan interest discount under the 2020 Provincial Special Fund for Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements released by the provincial department of finance.

Of the 80 projects, 90% are from 13 advanced manufacturing clusters, and 46 are targeted at overcoming technological bottlenecks.

40 projects focus on artificial intelligence, smart transportation, smart manufacturing and other new infrastructure fields.

71 high-tech companies have undertaken these projects, including 10 innovative companies.

49 high-tech zone projects focus on the innovative development mode of one strategic industry for one zone.

80 projects received a total of 787 million yuan in financial support. Since the establishment of the provincial special fund for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in 2004, Jiangsu has invested 18.251 billion yuan and supported 2,068 projects.