Indoor tours gain popularity in summer

2020年08月06日 11:28:08 | 来源

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Indoor tours are gaining growing popularity with children and their parents as the province is enduring sizzling temperatures in the hottest days of the year.

Some scenic spots in Jiangsu have launched indoor tours recently. Nanjing Zhongshan Botanical Garden held a flower arrangement and cultural exhibition of short-tube lycoris. A theme park in Changzhou has held interesting indoor competitions.

Lycoris is what we often call the Equinox Flower. The Lycoris flower looks more vivid against the scorching sun.

The potted flower art works are made of lycoris with other foliage plants. The distinct and orderly levels of the flowers highlighted the beauty of lycoris.

A number of new and excellent varieties of Lycoris collected, preserved and cultivated by the botanical garden are displayed in the exhibition hall.

During the exhibition, science lectures and parent-child activities of nature notes will also be held. The activities are limited to 30 families.

In a theme park in Changzhou, many elementary and middle school students are enjoying the great fun. Many projects integrate quality exercise with entertainment in an extraordinary way.

The indoor sports park can exercise and cultivate willpower while giving you the pleasure of having fun.