Guanqian main street reopens after renovations

2020年07月27日 15:49:29 | 来源:isuzhou

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Guanqian main street (观前主街) took on a new face and welcomed the public with its spectacular illuminations and vigorous energy as it reopened at 7:30pm last night(July 25).

With a multimedia laser show combined with performances, the Heaven Gate (第一天门), a former landmark of the Gongxiang Lane (宫巷), demonstrated the profound historical and cultural foundations of the city through a special light presentation. 

After that, 300 drones rose to the sky and flew in formation, showing such words as “我爱苏州”(I Love Suzhou) and “姑苏八点半”(Gusu 8:30pm), and also the shape of local landmarks such as the Gate of the Orient (东方之门).

The main street, after an all-around renovation, has fully optimized its infrastructure with the addition of four fashion stand areas with different themes.

Besides, the reopening of Guanqian main street also marks a new season of “Gusu 8:30pm”, featuring a number of interesting events.

Summer Holiday Shopping Festival

The “Gusu 8:30pm Summer Holiday Shopping Festival” series events, offering plenty of items at discounted prices, have been made available as from yesterday and ends on September 25, 2020. 

Unconditional Refunding Policy 2.0 Version

To further the development of local tourism and optimize the consumption environment, the unconditional refunding policy 2.0 version has been released, which extends the previous 7-day unconditional refunding period to current 30-day. 

Check details here. (Suzhou tourism extends unconditional refund period to 30 days)

Sports Shopping Festival 

Organized by Suzhou Sport Administration, the Sports Shopping Festival integrates sports competitions, sports goods (including Chinese Super League souvenirs) and sports lottery, cultural entertainments and performances, food experience festivals, etc.

In addition, Gusu District started a series of preferential events revolving around such six aspects as “night show”, “night tour”, “night food”, “night shopping”,“night entertainment” and “night accommodation”, with up to 50 percent off the original prices.