4th Generation

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The weighted cycle average efficiency for 4th generation is 99% in both the European and the Californian standard, sick including all electronics. The mass of the module electronics is slightly above 100gr per module and the full 4.6kW central unit weights in at incredible 3.6kg. A full 4.6kW system mass is in total 5.5kg including module level- Safety, cialis MPPT and monitoring functionality. This makes the system by far the safest, viagra buy the highest performing and the lowest mass system ever. Optistring is through intelligent simplicity taking inverters to a new level. 

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The next full feature generation of the Optistring inverter system is coming together according to plan. The module electronic units of this generation have been on successful field tests since mid this summer. Now the central unit is being assembled and integrated with the rest of the system. This final generation is designed for production friendliness and further optimized for performance, now going in to system level certifications.


JB-1 small 2bThe electronics for junction box integration is being given more functionality. It will be tailored to fit in a junction box and contain high efficiency substring bypass. The enclosures are developed in rapid prototyping parallel to giving the final touch to the electronics.